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Brian Grogan SJ May 2020

Stage One (from 7000 BC)

The year 7000 BC is chosen to begin our story because it was then that our last Ice Age ended, and Ireland began to be populated. In those times water was regarded as a gift from the gods. The Romans worshipped Fons, the Water God. Indeed water worship with its accompanying rituals is universal in ancient religions. In the ancient Druidic religion wells and springs were seen as connecting this world to the spirit-world; hence preternatural powers were attributed to them.

The natural causes of wells and especially of springs was for long not understood. And indeed we are still learning about the origins of water on our planet; it began to appear some four billion years ago when Earth was young. Water is very old and its history interacts with the story of every living thing that Earth has produced. Only where there is water is there life.

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Children Celebrate National Holy Wells Day

Here are some illustrations for you to colour in. This is a fun exercise! What colours would you like to use?

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National Holy Wells Day 14 June 2020

There are around 3,000 Holy Wells in Ireland. Since early Christian times these have been seen as places of prayer and healing.

National Holy Wells Day Ritual 2020

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