Christmas Reflections 2020

By Brian Grogan S.J.,


Our first Christmas which will be held in the shadow of COVID–19 is fast approaching. Christmas will already be hard for those who are unhappy in any way: the lonely, the poor, the unemployed, the

homeless, those alienated from partners, the physically sick and the depressed. When we are unhappy the greeting, ‘Merry Christmas!’ can seem like a poor joke. And then add all the restrictions associated with COVID-19!

The reflections which follow are written with this perspective in mind. They are an invitation to us ‘to drink from our own wells’. No matter how appalling our situation may be, deep down in each of us is a sacred space from which our life emerges: call it a well, a creating spark, an immortal diamond. It is there that the divine Mystery awaits us and greets us with love beyond all telling. This is the true source of Christmas joy, and it is inexhaustible. It enables us to survive the worst that life may inflict on us. As Pope Francis says, ‘When everything is said and done, we are limitlessly loved!’ This can ease our heart’s pain and our tears and even bring a smile to our faces.

May these reflections encourage us to dig deep, so that Christmas joy may be ours. And since joy is for sharing, may we share it with those we meet, and perhaps also experience the joy of receiving it in return.


This Christmas will be different from any we have known:
Less partying and visiting… Less crowded shopping… Less visits to Santa… Smaller groupings at religious services… Even restricted singing… And so on.
So we are forced to dig deeper than ever before to find the true joy of Christmas.
But we can accept a gentler Christmas When we realise that in this quiet time a Great Secret is being whispered to us, A secret so deep that it can best be heard in silence. It’s a Love-Secret from God much too big for our small hands to grasp, but which instead takes hold of our poor hearts and makes us smile with deep joy. The Secret?
‘I became human for you, so that you could become like me
and so share my happiness!’ This is the best of all possible gifts; breath-taking and all-embracing. It transforms our lives and makes us see
That everyone is important, and that no matter how small or wretched I may feel I am all-important to God. ‘Look, God’s Gift-list has MY name on it!’


This Christmas brings an invitation to meet God on a deeper level. God loves disguises, so takes the form of a tiny helpless baby at Bethlehem.
God comes to us from within, so that we might find the divine in this world of ours. Our poor Planet, even though we treat it so unkindly, will once again, as Isaiah prophesied, ‘bud forth a Saviour’. The Earth is in truth a Holy Place, every crumb of it, including ourselves. We live in a place and time of grace
And salvation comes to us from the inside out, So God emerges as human, just like us, that we may become divine.
The Christmas invitation is to find this hidden treasure,
To hear this silent music. Christmas comes alive when I listen to God whispering to me, ‘Let me tell you who you really are!
The secret is that you are my daughter, my son, my Beloved!’


We are special! They say that trees were God’s first temples,
and now each of us is a temple of the Holy Spirit within the great sanctuary of the Cosmos.
God dwells in us in the secret place of our hearts.
We carry within us the seeds of divinity.
And we ask God that these seeds may take deep root in us
and come to flower as the New Year dawns.
These seeds are the divine love and compassion for all that is made, including me.
These seeds come to nest in my heart, and they bear fruit when I accept the healing truth, that as Pope Francis says,
‘When everything is said and done I am Infinitely loved’.


Just as the warming rays of Spring sunshine are a wake-up call for beech buds to burst forth and for daffodil bulbs to flower, so Christmas is a gentle call for us, the human species, to wake up to what is going on deep down in ourselves.
We are made to grow upwards into the light and love that is God.
The Great Promise is made to us: ‘I have come that you may have life, and have it in abundance.’
We can live out our days in love because the Mystery of divine
life is all around us, shaping us through the tiny details of our days, transforming us from the inside.
This is the divine Christmas gift to everyone, freshly wrapped and personalised, tailor-made, matching our need at this time in our lives.
‘Oh, thank you, God! Look what you’ve brought me!’